Hello & thanks for taking the time to have a look at this exciting opportunity!

Below is a summary of the course which aims to fast track you from a novice to becoming a proficient SignPainter.

This will be a Full Years training!

The aim is to take you along from being a complete beginner to a Signpainters with enough skills to go out and earn a living from your new found skills.

Don’t worry if you already have some experience! The course will help you massively to build your skill set. I’ve got plenty students who have been at it a while who are benefiting from the course hugely.

Although you can learn a lot from a one-day workshop and bits and pieces from books, by subscribing to this 12 month course you will increase your chances massively of realising your dreams of becoming a decent Signpainter. There is only one way to do this and that is practice, practice, practice and more practice! There are no shortcuts I’m afraid.

So in order for you to do this you need some structure, guidance and perseverance. You will also need some projects to get your teeth into, which I will set throughout the course.

The projects you complete will go towards building you a portfolio. As this is a visual craft it is important to have images to show to future clients in order to gain work.

Over the first 8 weeks we will begin with the basics, these are essential for setting you up for success.

The correct equipment you will need & how to look after it.

How to get the paint working for you 

Basic brush skills

We will then moven to learning how to paint the 4 main lettering styles:





Once you have got the hang of these we will move onto shading with a few basic tips and tricks.

As I’ve mentioned modules will be presented in the form of real time videos. You are able to dip into them as many times as you need and most importantly at your own pace, enabling you to juggle your learning process with your other commitments. Nearly all students are in some sort of employment whilst learning.

Modules are released weekly; it is important to learn in a methodical manner and not try to run before you are able to walk.

These first 8 weeks are designed to build your skills and also your confidence!

If you already have some experience this course is still for you I have many students that have been training to become Signpainters who have told me they have learnt more from these first 8 weeks than they have in years!

Here’s a few of testimonials from students that have been at this a while. . .

Jules has been sign painting for a while and here’s what he says…

Paul, thank you so much for offering this course.

"It has inspired me so much. It happened at a good time with the shutdown. It has given me so much more confidence and following your instructions has really helped. I’m in a vacation spot with thousands of rental cottages and a large percentage of them want to name their cottage with a sign, so I have been very busy filling orders also businesses are consistently changing hand and need signs. The videos are awesome and I love being to watch anytime I want. The projects are awesome especially for the beginners. The price of the course is well worth the opportunity to start your own business with wonderful guidance from a pro and a pro you are. I started my sign business in 1976 and being the owner was about hiring people to do the work for me, now it’s me and only me and I’m loving it!”

Robert Wiltshire  //  usa

I’m not new to using a brush or lettering but i’ve been winging it for some time now as a fan of the craft at amateur level at best but that’s it.

"Now because of correct practice techniques, focus and brush drills through your direction my ability has transformed remarkably, my feel for the paint is more dialled in now and my confidence has grown too.

Not only that but due to following the drawing procedure for setting out my understanding of letter forms has increased no end which as you know really helps in the painting phase as you already have the letter shape in your minds eye, where as before unless I had the whole letter drawn or printed out to paint I really never knew where to put the paint and this does show in the finished article as it has no flow and its just not the same, that said.. my brush skills are much better now so maybe that was partly to blame too.

The course has also given me a focus, this I was definitely lacking before, not through lack of interest but through not knowing I was heading in a direction with a goal and a result to aim for, even when goals are missed its still a goal and you just keep going until you nail it. This is much easier under the watchful eye of a tutor to keep you on track and see your improvements as the course criteria expands as your confidence grows.”

Jason Fitzpatrick  //  Ireland

After the first section of the course the mothership will be available which covers a wide range of skills and techniques.

In fact everything i know!

It’s impossible to list all that i have planned but below is summary of what’s in store. . .


There will be many downloads available for you to print off and use as practice sheets. These will be basic printer compatible.


There will be 100’s & 100’s of hours of real time, videos released throughout the year that you can watch as often as you like.

In these demonstrations you will have a front row seat showing close up’s of the business end of things, namely brushes, pencils and paint,

Whilst I work through the demos I’m talking you through what I’m doing, whilst giving invaluable tips and tricks that I’ve learnt over more than 30 years.

If I make a mistake whilst I’m painting, which I do! I don’t edit it out. I show you how to put it right. Something you don’t normally see.

Here’s an example of one of the demos. . .

The Masterclass

I will be introducing you to some of the ‘greats’ in the game who will be providing you with unique video demo’s. Showing the ways in which they work. If you are interested in sign painting these will all be familiar names to you.

The 26 Letters

I have designed and painted 26 letters, all recorded in real time with full commentary. Whilst I paint these I’ll share hundreds of tips, tricks and processes that I have learnt and developed over my 30+ years in the business. These will be invaluable, assisting you in building an impressive skill set.

This series will also be available to purchase if you decide this course isn’t for you!

The demonstrations will include. . .

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Advanced Gilding Techniques.
  3. 3
    Glass Work.
  4. 4
    Advanced Shading Techniques.
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Distressed Signs.
  8. 8
  9. 9
    Board Preparation.

And Everything in Between!

You will also Get. . .

Support & Guidance

Direct e-mail contact with me so I can provide individual support and guidance. I will be happy to receive examples of your work so I can provide feedback, tips and assistance

Access to a peer to peer platform so you can learn from each other and connect with like minded folks. Current students are loving this. We all get to see what everyone is doing and it gives me the opportunity to offer guidance.

Tips on how to get your business started and build a strong customer base.

In a nutshell i’ve got BIG, BIG plans! There is no better way to learn this beautiful trade.

In more than 30 years of painting signs i’ve made nearly all the mistakes you can, so by me passing on my experience, skills and comprehensive knowledge, you can fast track to success!

Extra Bonuses!

Once you are part of The SignPainter’s Academy, you will have the opportunity to attend face to face workshops at a 20% discount.

You’ll receive 20% OFF your 1st order with A.S. Handover.

You will have the opportunity to purchase Kit Boxes through A.S. Handover who have offered a fantastic discount of more than 50% off!

25% OFF your first order with Alpha6 Corporation.

I’m working all the time to get new discounts for students . . . There are some other nice little surprises for you when you join.

I hope you are excited about this. . . i certainly am!

You can get on the full years course for an

amazing £397

If you would like more information, here’s a presentation that goes into more detail. . .

This is the most comprehensive online course on Signpainting available anywhere in the world!

I promise you you won’t regret it . . .


There is even a 30 day Money back guarantee!

Full Payment £397

Monthly Subscription £47

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