Hello & thanks for taking the time to have a look at this exciting opportunity!

Below is a summary of the course which aims to fast track you from a novice to being well on your way to becoming a proficient SignPainter.

This will be 12 months Training!

As I’m sure you’re aware there are plenty of workshops available out there and you can pick up bits and pieces from books but it’s not easy to translate what you actually need to do from pictures and words.

The easiest way to learn a skill is by watching a time served professional at work. Imagine if they were also telling you in detail everything they were doing, giving you little tips and tricks they had learned in more than 30 years in the trade . . . Now that’s a winning formula!

By subscribing to this 12 month course you will be building your confidence as you increase your knowledge and experience of this fine art.

I will start you on your journey with the basics, working slowly but surely, building your skills as you progress.

Things you will learn. . .

  • The correct equipment you will need & how to look after it
  • How to get the paint working for you
  • Basic brush skills
  • How to hold a brush properly
  • How to use a Mahl Stick
  • Using a palette
  • Ways in which you can start to get paid work
  • Business Tips

The main aim of the course though is learning how to paint the 4 main lettering styles:





Once you have mastered this we will move onto shading and a few basic tips and tricks.

This will all be presented as modules in real time video which you can dip into as many times as you need.

I will be releasing the modules weekly, it is important to learn in a methodical manner and not try to run before you are able to walk. Once we’ve worked through these modules you will be getting to grips with a brush and hopefully it will become your friend, not enemy!

Here’s a few things present students are saying. . .

“I’m not new to using a brush or letter writing but I’ve been winging it for some time now as a fan of the craft at amateur level at best but that’s it, now because of correct practice techniques, focus and brush drills through your direction my ability has transformed remarkably, my feel for the paint is more dialled in now and my confidence has grown too.

Not only that but due to following the drawing procedure for setting out my understanding of letter forms has increased no end which as you know really helps in the painting phase as you already have the letter shape in your minds eye, where as before unless I had the whole letter drawn or printed out to paint I really never knew where to put the paint and this does show in the finished article as it has no flow and its just not the same.”

Jason Fitzpatrick

The course has been great, I’ve been looking for a creative outlet that might also become a bit of a ‘side-hustle’ for me.

"The structure of the course and the content has helped me know where to start. The recommendations on equipment gave me the confidence to jump in and start making things.
Being able to re-watch the videos is crucial. I’ve got small kids and limited time, so am dipping in and out – needing to relearn technique. I think it’s been great value. I’ve been able to follow most weeks and am starting to try a few different things.”

Ben Unsworth

Paul, thank you so much for offering this course, it has inspired me so much. It happened at a good time with the shutdown.

"It has given me so much more confidence and following your instructions has really helped. I’m in a vacation spot with thousands of rental cottages and a large percentage of them want to name their cottage with a sign, so I have been very busy filling orders also businesses are consistently changing hand and need signs. The videos are awesome and I love being to watch anytime I want. The projects are awesome especially for the beginners. The price of the course is well worth the opportunity to start your own business with wonderful guidance from a pro and a pro you are. I started my sign business in 1976 and being the owner was about hiring people to do the work for me, now it’s me and only me and I’m loving it.”

Bobby Wiltshire

Other things included in the course…


There will be many downloads available for you to print off and use as practice sheets. You only need a basic printer.


The whole course is based on realtime video tuition. You get a front row seat so you can see up close what is happening at the business end of things. . . The brush!

You can go over and over these demos throughout the year as often as you like. This gives you every chance possible to fit the course in with your busy life.

The only way to learn this Craft is repetition and lot’s of practice. There are no shortcuts I’m afraid. So by having the demos on hand to watch whenever you want, you will be giving yourself the best chase possible to succeed!

Here’s an example of a short video from the course


Throughout the course I will be setting you projects to complete. This is an important part of the process as it starts to build a portfolio. It’s nearly impossible to sell your new found skills if you don’t have any examples of work to show a prospective client.

Support & Guidance

  • You have direct e-mail contact with me, so I can provide individual support and guidance. I will be happy to receive examples of your work so I can provide feedback, tips and assistance.
  • Access to a peer to peer platform so you can learn from each other and connect with likeminded people. We want to keep those creative juices flowing!

In more than 30 years of painting signs I’ve made nearly all the mistakes, so by me passing on my experience, skills and comprehensive knowledge, you can fast track to success!

Extra Bonuses!

Once you are part of the Bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to attend face to face workshops at a 20% discount.

You’ll receive 20% off your 1st order with A.S. Handover.

A.S Handover are have also very kindly put together two options for Kit Boxes, that are well over 50% off!


25% off your first order with Alpha6 in the States or anywhere else outside Europe.

Hope you’re excited about this. . . I certainly am!

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